Laboratories of geographical education for schools


The DiSSGeA Department and the Museum of Geography, in collaboration with the Italian Association of Geography Teachers in Padova  (AIIG), offer a  series of educational workshops specifically addressed to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools; students learn geography using documents, tools and resources related to the discipline. The aim of each activity is to lead students in perceiving and understanding the existing relationships between men and the different elements of the territory.

Laboratories are built taking into account the requirements established by the Ministry of Education and relate to fundamental issues such as the environment, landscape, orientation, space, cartography, climate, geography and citizenship.
Laboratories will need to be agreed upon with the staff and will be held at the Geography Museum (Aula Didattica – on the first floor of Palazzo Wollemborg, address: Via del Santo, 26, Padova). 

Download the complete catalogue of the activities (the catalogue is only available in Italian).





Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Lorena Rocca
Palazzo Wollemborg, primo piano
Via del Santo, 26 - 35123 Padova
E-mail for information and reservations: