Research Workshops

GIS Workshop

The GIS workshop is available to final year students and those registered at the Higher Doctorate School of History, Geography and Anthropology. It is equipped with IT stations with hardware and software systems suitable for the creation and processing of GIS maps and data (Geographic Information System). Over the years a digital map collection has been implemented with specific reference to the Veneto regional area. The GIS workshop also specialises in raster spatial analysis elaborations.
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Oral History Workshop

In 2002 the then Padua University History faculty set up an oral history workshop fitted out with all the equipment required to make audio-visual interviews and software for the purposes of managing, enhancing and conserving the sources acquired. The idea of the research group working in the oral history workshop is to continue the work of collecting, using and archiving oral sources for socio-economic studies in the Veneto region and beyond. The projects follow multiple research currents: labour history; medium and small scale business studies; trade union history; peasantry analysis and the the study of the transition from fully rural to industrialised societies; landscape transformation and analysis of the community perception of it; social and cultural history; retracing historic trades and lost economies; themes linked to population migration. The common denominator is the collection of a series of direct witness accounts using the free interview technique (life histories) in interviews guided by a list of questions formulated in a specific order. The working group's programme also involves the creation of a socio-economic territory archive which is equipped with the appropriate resources and spaces to encompass similar documentary material from other production centres.