Sustainable Economic Development 3rd Edition: Innovative Development Models and Practices in the Globalized Economy

The University of Padova in partnership with Kazakh National University named after Al’ Farabi (Almaty Kazakhstan), Wuhan University (China) and Ural Federal University named after the First President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin (Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation) presents the 3rd  edition of the Summer School on Sustainable Economic Development.

This year’s focus is on innovation as vector of long term sustainable development.

Setting forth a consolidated tradition of development studies, the School offers cutting-age analysis presented by world ranking experts coming from Europe, Eurasia and China, work-shops, visit of leading firms of the Veneto Region, on-the-field work on innovative companies, and public institutions.

The School’s aims to transmit analytical knowledge and practical tools for understanding development dynamics, planning and implementing innovative actions at business and institutional level, finding smart solutions for complex development issues.

The School’s program takes into account technological, social, territorial, political aspects alike, discusses present day challenges, and explores alternative models of sustainable economic development.

The School’s methodology fosters multidisciplinary, unites macro-and micro economic studies, analytical and empirical work, participative learning, and personal research.


Didactic Organization

Courses are structured on 5 modules of 10 hours each of seminars, and work-shops, and on 1 module of at least 10 hours dedicated to on-the-field visits, and practical work.

Attendance is compulsory (at least 70% of the classes).

Attendants will receive a certificate of participation.



1. Global Economic Divergences and Convergences

2. Planning and Managing Global Value Production Chains

3. Finance, Banking and Assets Risk Management

4. Institutional Action for Innovation

5. Innovative Business Models

6. On the Field Visits and Practical Work



Attendants must hold a bachelor degree and have a background on economics and/or economic history.

Mastering oral and writen English is essential.

Selection’s parameters are: Curriculum Vitae (50%), Motivational Letter (25%), Knowledge

of English Language (25%).



Application is open from April 1st  to June 20th 2019.

To enrol please fill the form at the following link


In your mail you must state:

1) Object: Summer School 2019

2) Contents:

a) Name/Surname

b) Curriculum Vitae

c) Motivational Letter for Attending the School

3) Scanned copy of your passport.

Payments are to be made before June 21st on line through the School’s web page available on the site from April 1st 2019.



250 euros for students from the University of Padua and Partner Universities and 300 euros for participants coming from other institutions.

Fees include on the field visits, practical work, teaching material, access to libraries, and universities canteens, visa support for students requiring it.