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The idea of a Museum of Geography at the University of Padova originates to enhance and keep together the geographical heritage accumulated in over 140 years of research and didactics, after the establishment of the first Italian Chair of Geography in 1872. This intuition was shared for the first time on 11th December 2011, during the last Council Meeting of the Geography Department, and it has since been developed by the Geography Section together with the whole Department of Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World (DiSSGeA).

The accreditation process of the Museum at the University of Padova is being completed. 

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The aim of the Museum consists in revitalizing the relationship between Universities and civil society by combining enhancing procedures with the promotion of those aspects of geography made up of engaging practices and pressing topical themes.
The objective is for the Museum to act as an “incubator” of the Third Mission of the University, an innovative hub capable of creating communication and aiding reciprocal legitimization of the three university functions: scientific research, education and social responsibility.

Over the years in Padova, geographical research and teaching has built up a unique heritage consisting of both a tangible and intangible sections. The first includes books, atlases, maps, terrain models, globes, instruments and photographs. The second consists of research practices, which have become a characteristic of the school having been constantly applied over the years and of the related anecdotal evidence.

The Museum of Geography is located at the first floor of the Wollemborg Palace, seat of the DiSSGeA Section of Geography. At the same address, between 1984 and 2011, was located the University Department of Geography, the first and only in Italy where human and physical geography cohabited. The Museum spaces are currently under preparation.

Download the full list of laboratories, the list is available in Italian only) HERE.

Scientific Committee
Mauro Varotto (responsabile scientifico), Aldino Bondesan, Elena Canadelli, Monica Celi, Giovanni Donadelli, Chiara Gallanti (referente per l’AIIG), Paolo Mozzi, Lorena Rocca.

Representatives for educational activities
Giovanni Donadelli, Chiara Gallanti.



Museum of Geography
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