Spinners, spinning wheels and spinning mules. The history of a gendered world in XIX century Veneto Provinces


This research project is aimed to analyse the phenomenon of Italian State owned enterprise in the light of the distinguished figure of Beniamino Andreatta.

Andreatta was one of the central actors of the economic and political debate in the second half of the XX century initially serving as economic consultant of Aldo Moro (Andreatta, 1984) and as trustworthy speaker on economic topics at the important conferences of the civil society (Andreatta, 1962) and successively as member of Italian (1976-1999) and European (1984-1987) Parliament, Minister of Balance and Economic Planning (1979 and 1993), Minister of Regional Affairs (1980), Minister of Treasury (1980-1982) and Minister of Defence (1996-1998).

Although Andreatta was originally an ideological supporter of Keynes’ view several decades later he personally put an end to State intervention through the 1993 agreement with Karel Van Miert, European Commissioner of Competition. They signed an agreement that allowed Italy to support EFIM, notwithstanding the European regulations on free market, and that at the same time forced Italy to reduce the debts of its State owned enterprises. For Andreatta the only possible solution for reducing these debts was to privatize the enterprises.

In sum, the research project is directed to point out the multiple aspects of the history of the Italian state owned enterprise with a special reference to the practical and ideological convictions that stay behind this phenomenon. 

2014 - 2016

David Celetti

Responsabile per il Dipartimento
Giovanni Luigi Fontana