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A. Caracausi, M. Davies, L. Mocarelli, "Between Regulation and Freedom. Work and Manufactures in European Cities, 14th-18th Centuries", Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

This volume contains selected essays which together re-frame the roles of guilds in medieval and early modern European cities. They focus on the different ways in which we can understand the interfaces between regulatory frameworks, represented by guild and civic regulations, and the wider world of labour and production. Through case studies of single cities, economic sectors, and of territories, they address a range of questions about the operation of labour markets, the nature of guild regulation within and outside guild jurisdictions, and the interaction between ‘regulation’ and ‘freedom’ as expressed in legislation and in the organization of production and distribution. In doing so, they offer a means to compare and contrast experiences across Europe and the circumstances which determined and altered economic structures and, in turn, political and social structures in cities.

ISBN: 978-1-5275-0638-1