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Master’s degree in Local Development: Kick-Off Seminar 2023

Dal 25.09.2023 al 28.09.2023

An introduction to LD teaching activities & to the Italian university system

1 ECTS – Attendance: Mandatory (at least 65%). Students whose Visa has not been received yet and cannot be on-site will have to attend the event on Zoom.

The Kick-off Seminar starts on Monday, Sept. 25th at 9.30 and come to a close on Thursday, Sept. 28th at 13.00.

FULL PROGRAMME (newly enrolled students)


Events open to the general public:

25/09/2023 - h. 11.00

Keynote lecture | Critical Global Development: decoloniality, solidarity and justice

25/09/2023 - h. 15.30

Roundtable | Local Development on fieldwork

26 & 27/09/2023 - h. 15.00

Career talk | Local Development: Career skills and challenges

28/09/2023 - h. 10.00

Walking seminar | 'Decolonize your eyes': a participatory research experince in Padova

Registration compulsory. 

28/09/2023 - h. 10.00

Online lecture | Microfinance and development: reality and myths