MoHu Calls | Variations on Mobility Creative Commissions 2019, with Royal Holloway Centre for the GeoHumanities

The Department DiSSGeA of the University of Padova (in the framework of the Department of Excellence Project ‘Mobility and the Humanities’ financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) and the Royal Holloway Centre for the GeoHumanities are pleased to announce the funding of up to four (4) Creative Commissions on the theme of ‘variations on mobility’.

Virtual, physical, potential and corporeal fluxes; networks, routes, circulation and stasis of human and non-human entities: Mobilities have become a frame through which we sense spatial practices and relations at multiple scales and levels (local, urban, national, transnational, global; intimate, intersubjective, interobjective, social, collective). This joint edition of Creative Commissions calls for creative collaborations that explore the relationship between mobilities and the humanities experimenting with the potential of art and creative methodologies in the study, imagination and expression of mobility issues. This call especially welcomes proposals addressing mobilities’ spatialities, practicalities, and temporalities. In particular, applicants are invited to consider the arts and humanities as a frame through which to explore the historical implications of mobility, as well as the constitution of mobile phenomena in both space and time (from antiquity to contemporary history, from present times to possible futures).

Each Commission is worth up to 2,000 Euros. The Creative Commissions will run from 1/10/2019 to 1/7/2020. The commissioning programme is open to any collaboration between creative practitioner(s) and early career researchers. Early career is understood here as within 8 years of award of their PhD. In recognition of the difficulties acknowledged in establishing career stage, any reasonable argument made for early career status will be considered.

As detailed further in the Variationsonmobilityinfopackapplication will be through a two-stage process. The closing date for expressions of interest  (please follow instructions in the pack) is 12/4/2019. Shortlisted applicants will be requested to submit a full application by 14/6/2019. The outcomes will be announced early August, with the Commissions to begin in early September.

These Commissions constitute a collaboration between the ‘Mobility and the Humanities’ project based at the Department DiSSGeA (www.dissgea.unipd.it/en/) and the RHUL Centre for the GeoHumanities (www.royalholloway.ac.uk/geohumanities & www.geohumanitiesforum.org). For further information on the commissions and their relationship to the wider “Mobility and the Humanities” project please see here.