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Varotto M., Bonardi L., Tarolli P. (a cura di), "World Terraced Landscapes: History, Environment, Quality of Life", Springer International Publishing, 2019

Terraced landscapes are all over the world. They are the tangible evidence of how food production, rural activities and human life can express itself in the steepest slopes of mountain areas in the world.
Despite the multi-disciplinary values that terraced landscapes represent, they were scarcely appreciated in the past decades. Indeed the interest in their wise management and broader understanding has been constantly growing since the end of the past century.
Some outstanding terraced landscapes have been recognized at international level for their importance in the UNESCO World Heritage List. However, many other terraced landscapes in the world are abandoned or facing the same risks of collapse, trivialization or destructive urbanization, losing both their valuable environmental function and their intangible knowledge and heritage.

The volume collects the best scientific contributions presented in the 3rd World Conference on Terraced Landscapes held in Italy from 6th to 15th October 2016, for the first time offering a deep and multifaceted insight into the geographic distribution and the remarkable heritage of terraced landscapes in Europe and in the world. The manifest “Terraced Landscapes: Choosing the Future” signed in Padova in 2016 by all members of the International Terraced Landscapes Alliance aims to stimulate their renaissance as a model for sustainable development.

ISBN 978-3-319-96814-8