Language Courses for Students and Scholars

At the University of Padova the main teaching language is Italian. Incoming students and staff are welcome to attend a free Italian language course from their arrivan and those wishing to attend courses units in English and French may access to specific language courses that are offered at University and Department level.

Italian language courses for incoming students and scholars

Italian language courses are organized and offered by the University Language Centre (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo - CLA).


Academic English Language courses for students

They are open both to incoming students who wish to improve their knowledge of English for academic purposes and to local students who plan to attend one of the course units that are held in English (every Master Degree has at least 2 course units held in English). They are usually organized at Department level and comprise 50 hours of class. They are addressed to small groups of students (10 - 15), who are requested to sign a register and attend regularly. A final exam closes the course and allows students to verify their final level of knowledge.

The final test is organized through the University Language Centre (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo - CLA).

Other initiatives and resources

The University Language Centre (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo - CLA) offers a variety of opportunities to improve the knowledge of foreign languages.

+ For English Language Courses (the course foresees a participation fee), refer to the DIY - Do It Yourself Programme.
+ Apply to the Tandem Learning Programme and practice with an International student attending the University of Padova.
+ Visit the multimedia library (Mediateca) at the Language Centre, grammar and exercise books as well as CD's and DVD's are available to all students.