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Educational Placements or Traineeship experiences are encompassed, as alternatives, in the three year History (L-42) and specialist Historical Sciences degree (LM-84).

This takes the practical form of a period of activity with a host body for the purposes of practical experience in accordance with a student's course of study and described in a final report. Such experience earns students 3 university education credits corresponding to 75 hours of work at the host organisation documented by filling in a specific attendance sheet signed by the company tutor and certified by the reference professor for educational placements at the Department of Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World, Dr. Dario Canzian.
Students interested should apply to the specific University Experience and Careers Service where they will be helped with all phases of their applications from research for suitable projects to the completion of the paperwork required for the full recognition of all activities.
Projects which have not been formalised according to the University's procedures consultable at the following LINK cannot be validated:

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Traineeship experiences

These are awarded three university educational credits and take the practical form of two types of activity. Students must attend a cycle of ten seminars organised by the Department of Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World or take part in conferences, meetings and seminars dealing with themes coherent with their courses of study subject to approval by the professor responsible for placements in the department.

SEMINAR CYCLES offered by the department (distinct lessons are organised for three year and specialisation degree students) are mandatory and certified by means of a specific attendance register. Students are not required to pass a final examination. Activities are certified by the reference professor for educational experience at the Department of Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World, Dr. Dario Canzian. Students registering are required to fill in a specific registration form available in the Services/Forms section of the Department's site and on this page (below). Before beginning this experience students are encouraged to take part in an activity presentation session where registration forms are available for filling in.

In order for CONFERENCES, MEETINGS AND SEMINARS to be considered valid for university educational credit purposes in the experience category (placements, experience and seminars in the LT History course study plans; experience and placements in the LM in Historical Sciences study plans) they must be shown to be extra-curricular activities of proven academic character and relevant to the student’s course of study. The compatibility of these activities to courses of study and the consequent assessment of their validity as experience, where this is not explicitly expressed in publicity material (posters and leaflets), must be checked in advance with the departmental head of placements and experience, the president of the degree course or the co-ordinator of the specialist degree course. Students can request the recognition of credits for conference, meeting and seminar attendance over the entire study cycle (three year or specialisation) but within the semester prior to thesis viva examinations. Relevant forms are available on this page and in the Services/Forms section of the department's site.

Attendance at 10 seminars over five weeks is required from the end of october to the beginning of december.

Students are required to attend ten seminars usually over five weeks from the end of April to the beginning of June.

A single conference or similar activity (book presentation, seminar, etc.) is normally awarded 0.2 credits. A seminar or meeting lasting at least half a day is normally awarded 0.4 credits. Attendance must be certified by a declaration signed by the organiser or responsible person for the chosen activity which is to be attached to the credit award request form and kept by the student until final registration. IMPORTANT NOTE: to proceed to recognition of the credits gathered students must attach a brief report to the forms (7000 to 10,000 characters written on ordinary paper) commenting on each individual initiative.




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