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In the Italian Higher Education System, study plans are documents showing the list of educational activities which students intend to pursue (mandatory and optional) to reach the 180 ECTS credits needed to obtain bachelor degrees or the 120 credits needed to obtain masters' degrees. Study plans are obligatory for all students.

Instructions and timeframes for study plan submission

Study plans must be completed online. To submit your plan connect to the site, click on 'Education' (Didattica) and then 'Study Plan' (Piano di studio). For a guide to how to fill it in consult the online manual on the following link.

Every year, study plans can be filled in from October. Specific deadlines for submission are notified through the Department website and directly to the students who have signed up in the School of human, social and cultural heritage sciences Moodle Platform (Scuola di Scienze Umane, Sociali e del Patrimonio Culturale).

Attachments 2 (Allegati 2), reference documents for plan submission

Filling in the form requires a knowledge of the complete prospectus of educational activities involved in the degree course chosen. When Ministerial Decree 270/04 came into force this educational activities plan was named Attachment 2 (Allegato 2). A course Attachment 2 is drawn up every academic year and lists the educational activities which students registered in that academic year must complete to obtain their degrees specifying both any active curricula and all teaching programmes (mandatory or optional) involved.

Three year degree course Attachment 2 specify educational activities to be taken over the three years of the course; specialist degree courses Attachment 2s specify the educational activities to be taken over the two years of the course. Each educational activity must be accompanied by indications on type (core, specialist, elective/supplementary, IT skills, placement/experience/other activities, free options, final exam), semester completed, number of hours and credits per type and the name of the professor responsible for the course.

Before filling in your study plan, select the Attachment 2 you are interested in taking account of the year you first enrolled on the course



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