Selection criteria



The Summer School is open to international students who will be evaluated and admitted on a competitive basis.
The School Directors will award a participation grant to 20 participants. 10 full Scholarships and 10 half scholarships are available.
Students wishing to apply for a scholarship must state so in their motivation letter or when submitting their application folder.

The School general application deadline is February 28th 2014.
Please note that students applying for a scholarship must submit their application folder by December 18th 2013 (the call is now closed).

Each eligible applicant will be assessed according to five criteria: academic potential, past relevant experiences, personal motivation and a recommendation letter. The material used for assessment is, respectively: quality of the first (Bachelor) and second (Master of Science) degree, CV (résumé), letter of motivation, letter of recommendation.
Each criterion is assessed using a scale of 1-5 (5 = very good, 4 = good, 3 = acceptable, 2 = poor, 1 = very poor). Evaluation of an eligible application stops if a criterion is assessed at less than 3.
Criteria are weighted as specified in the table below.
The main emphasis will be put on the applicant’s academic excellence.


Weight (%)

Min. rank required

Academic excellence



Past relevant experiences



Personal motivation






Applicants are invited to submit a Project proposal, which may be related to their past studies or areas of interest, that they will have the chance to present in class during the course.
The submission of a Project proposal is not mandatory.