Application procedure



The HILD Summer School is open to participants from all over the world, having a particular research or professional interest in the processes of management and enhancement of cultural heritage as a means to achieve sustainable local development.

The selection of participants is made on a competitive basis and applies specific SELECTION CRITERIA.

Application folder

Participants must compose their application forder, which includes the following mandatory documents.
- Up to date Curriculum Vitae (resume)
- Clear copy of passport
- Certification stating the applicant's level of schooling
- Motivation letter, describing the candidate's background and specific interest in attending the School
- Reference Letter

The School Directors will award a participation grant to 20 participants. 10 full Scholarships and 10 half scholarships are available.
Students wishing to apply for a scholarship must state so in their motivation letter or when submitting their application folder.

Applicants may choose to include a Project Proposal in their application folder.
Such Project proposal is not compulsory.

The project proposal may consist in a case study or specific research relevant to the Summer School general objectives, that applicants have been developing during their studies or professional experiences. The School Directors will evaluate project proposals as to invite applicants to present and discuss their work in class. Candidates submitting a project proposal agree on sharing their work with their school mates and the School teaching staff. They are also available for providing the School Secretariats any further information that could be useful for organizing the Summer School schedule and learning material.

Application deadline

Documents composing the application folder must be sent by e-mail to the Olavarria Summer School Secretariat.
Please refer to the following address:
Candidates must submit all the required documents by February 28th 2014.
Please note that students applying for a scholarship must submit their application folder by December 18th 2013 (the call is now closed).